Scramble to help and whisk up some support

According to the urban dictionary a Good Egg is ‘A person who is of great standards. Has done something well, or pleased someone’. We believe there are plenty of good eggs out there wanting to lend a hand and plenty of good eggs trying to make the world a better place but who might need some support.   

Good eggs are a bunch of story tellers, communicators, marketers, relationship builders, digital strategists and communication type professionals who want to give back by volunteering their professional skills to help charities and not-for-profits make the world a better place.

egg smile

We’re not a recruitment agency, we are volunteers too and we don’t charge anyone for the service. We aim to provide professional skills to charities and not-for-profits to help increase their efforts.

We do this by matching our professionals with a charity or not-for-profit then watching the magic happen and hoping we don’t get egg on our faces.

Our Sydney based volunteers are working across the public, private and not for profit sectors and have a wealth of experience and skills they would like to volunteer. So if you are a professional willing to offer some help or a charity or not-for-profit that needs a helping hand please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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