You at your best

The other day I was asked what I think is probably the best interview question I’ve ever had; I was asked in a work context; what is you at your best?

Rather than trying to find out whether I would fit a specified position the person asking the question was, I believe, seeing what attributes I could bring to the organization, where my strengths could be utlised and whether this was a fit for them. That the position would be agile and created around each other and the opportunities for both of us rather than try and fit round pegs into square holes.

This forward way of thinking is to be commended and certainly makes for a company to be admired*


Think about it for a while, what is you at your best? I answered saying that I liked to be in a creative environment, with a level of autonomy, I have to aspire to the leadership and vision and have an oversight of how the end result of my work is making a difference. It has to involve a deep level of relationship building, I like to be in an environment where we are telling stories, for it to be strategic but with the ability to get down and roll up my sleeves. Within an organisation that isn’t afraid to fail or at least try new and creative ways of tackling problems.

When speaking about this question to colleagues I heard of organisations that only asked interview questions related to outside of work interests. Their reasoning was that by interview stage everyone would or should be more than capable to do the job but it was the who, the who that was right, that they were looking for.

It made me reflect on previous employment and whether it met my idea of me at my best; yes in parts, no in others, it set me thinking about how different organisations might look if this was the type of question being asked at interviews. It made me think about the range of skills employees have that organisaitons are not harnessing or helping develop.

I now think Good Eggs was partly set up in response to the no parts of whether the contract helped me be my best. That gaps or missing parts in roles are often filled with other ventures and interests, helping us flourish.

So my question to you is what is you at your best? If you find gaps you’d like to fill or develop perhaps we at Good Eggs can help.

We take the parts missing or in need of developing and match you with a charity or not-for-profit that would benefit hugely from your skills and experience. That even with a small commitment of an hour a week we could help you and that charity flourish, sound exciting? Get in touch and let’s find about you at your best.

About Good Eggs; based in Sydney we’re story tellers, communicators, marketers, relationship builders and digital strategists who want to give back by volunteering our professional skills to help charities and not-for-profits make the world a better place.

Do you have examples of similar questions or approaches? What would organisations look like if they went with this style of questioning? How can employers develop their employees so they are at their best?

*ICE creates, changemakers for a better world

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