Presenting Good Eggs to Charities and the Centre for Volunteering members

Last week we were fortunate enough to be asked to present about Good Eggs at the Centre for Volunteering. Thank you to the Centre for the invite and opportunity to showcase our work, thank you to all attendees and your enthusiasm for the initiative. For those who were unable to attend or would like some information about what Good Eggs can do for your charity or NFP an overview of the presentation’s main points is below along with the slides.


What is a Good Egg?

According to the urban dictionary a Good Egg is ‘A person who is of great standards. Has done something well, or pleased someone’.

About Good Eggs

Good eggs are a bunch of story tellers, communicators, marketers, relationship builders, digital strategists and communication type professionals who want to give back by volunteering their professional skills to help charities and not-for-profits make the world a better place.

We’re not a recruitment agency, we are volunteers too and we don’t charge anyone for the service. We aim to provide professional skills to charities and not-for-profits to help increase their efforts.


We do this by matching our professionals with a charity or not-for-profit then watching the magic happen and hoping we don’t get egg on our faces.

Story behind its beginnings

“It is wisest to do everything within your power – through every medium and every message – to leave others a little better” – Adam Grant

The Idea originated in NZ by the community comms collective, the idea is simple, helping people help others. A blog post celebrating their work can be found here

Why communicating key messages is like eggs; 

Too complicated and you have scrambled the message

Too long and you’ve fried the meaning

Too overbearing and people’s attention is poached

Too much jargon and the message has been whisked away

Too much talking and not enough listening and its over baked

Good Eggs; keeping it simple and sunny side up

 The world of communications

Why comms?

We’ve often experienced first hand the (under)valuing of communications in organisations whilst also witnessing the sheer lack of ability to resource and fund positions such as communications.

Comms professionals as a general stereotype like to network and meet people, this plus the altruistic nature of the project and skills that volunteers could develop is a win/win.

 About you as an organisation

The presentation ran through the key points and Eggspectations all the who, the why, the what, where and how all the details can be found here

We highlighted the fact that we don’t see the communications professionals as experts coming in telling you what to do but rather working with you to find ways they can add value. If your organisaiton has a communications team or you are that person we only want to be involved if the team/person is keen to have us on-board.

If you are the communications person or team, wow wee we know how busy you are, how are those stress level? Fancy some help, guidance or professional support or additional expertise so you don’t reach breaking point?


How do you like your eggs?

This ran through ideas about how we can help and what is on offer. The ideas of which can be found here, we are keen to hear about additional needs related to comms so please get in touch

Case studies from here and abroad

We then covered off some case studies from here and abroad and celebrated the success that the Community Comms Collective have had in their first year and the matches that we have already provided.


Finally we showcased some of the resources, some original content; Communication plans, a Stakeholder engagement communication plan and a social media plan for events and the curated content; external resources with guides on marketing, media contacts, guides to fundraising among others handy hints and tips. Then our thought leaders page with a range of dedicated professionals whom we consider Good Eggs as they are sharing free and engaging content to help charities and NFP tell good stories. Our resources 

In Conclusion

We’re story tellers volunteering our professional skills to help charities and not-for-profits

Not here to tell you how to do your work but here to offer a boost or support

This is just the start of our conversation, please tell us what you think

Communication professionals are like eggs, you can whisk them up, scramble their brains, poach their ideas but they’ll remain sunny side up

Please get in touch if we can add value through communications and story telling for your charity or NFP

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