Stakeholder engagement communication template

Here at Good Eggs we love sharing and showcasing best practice. On our resources page we have highlighted a stakeholder engagement communication template which can be amended to suit your individual needs

Understanding Stakeholders helps creates two-way dialogues, strengthens sphere of influences, advances strategies and mitigates risk. The purpose is to share, listen, consult, explore and collaborate with stakeholders. Engagement planning processes help to decide who you need to engage with, how and when.

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The International Association for Public Participation has a stakeholder engagement spectrum that has become best practice ‘IAP2’s Public Participation Spectrum is designed to assist with the selection of the level of participation that defines the public’s role in any community engagement program’. It relates to 5 levels:

1. Empower

2. Collaborate

3. Involve

4. Consult (sometimes referred to as negotiate)

5. Inform (sometimes referred to as consult if negotiate is used at level 4)

We have adapted the engagement levels to relate to a communication process that can be undertaken with each stakeholder level, it showcases a communication objective, communication goal, proposed methods of engagements and a communication promise to stakeholders.

The guide proposes how matching stakeholder engagement levels with appropriate communication channels can assist your information flow at each level e.g. from 1 – Empower to 5 – Inform.

The aim is to make better decisions, align mutual interests, identify and mitigate risks and advance performance. By assigning levels of engagement the information can be used to determine how the needs, interests and concerns of those stakeholders should be addressed.

This guide is intended for use by charities and not-for-profits to assist with stakeholder engagements and methods of communicating with them.

It is a free resource that benefited from various experiences and organisational templates. It takes examples from across various best practice ideas

Our thanks to the many people who assisted in this process and then allowed the resource to be distributed.

Download the resource by clicking on the link below

Stakeholder engagement for Good Eggs


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