Thank you to all the new good egg communication people who have been in touch recently regarding volunteering their time and professional communication skills to assist charities and NFP’s, it is a very eggciting time. Thank you to the charities and NFP’s who have reached out to ask for some help.

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At the moment we’re getting asked for examples of the sort of projects that comms people can assist with and also examples of what help charities are asking for. So we wanted to share some examples with you…

The sort of help we are working on or that are available include:

  • Help with a media launch and public relations campaign for a few hours i.e. work with the charity on media relations
  • Capability building for events, i.e. being a mentor during the lead up to an important charity launch event
  • Help profile and proof read case study examples of successful not for profit enterprises
  • Work with the marketing team on developing a more responsive newsletter/impact reports
  • Developing charity stories into presentations to attract increased membership for a charity
  • Help raising a charities profile via communication activities and local community events
  • Assistance with grant fund writing, one off projects with help needed from time to time
  • Assist and advise a board with internal and external communications
  • Assist in advising and developing content for social media and newsletter channels
  • Social media campaign support, help a charities communications officer on setting out a social media strategy

These projects range from one off help of no more than a few hours to more in-depth commitments, they encompass a range of exciting local projects with a diversity of charities and give a flavour of the types of projects we are being approached with.

Are you a Good Egg? Could you spare just a few hours on a one off project? Are you a charity that needs some support?

If so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can work around your skills and development needs.

Read more about the services;

What you could give

What’s on offer

Good Eggs HQ

Join the movement via LinkedIn

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