Golden egg resources hidden in the internet

Here at Good Eggs we love curating resources, finding those golden eggs throughout the internet and sending out links via our twitter account that we hope you will find useful. Below are a number of international best practice and great advice examples that have caught our eye recently.
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We hope that these resources help shape and support your Charity or NFP. It has been a joy connecting in with other excellent communicators and story tellers, a number of these we will be added as permanent links of our resources page.

– First off make sure you sign up to this resource; Founded by Richard Sved @richardsved Join Charity Blogs a LinkedIn group of best charity writing for great international insights, it’s invaluable.


– Then delve into this; 8 Secret Places to Find the Best Free Stock Images, thank you Michelle Blackshire @michelleink88 this is Aladdin’s cave of treasure for charities & NFP’s- This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score with thanks to @AMImarketing

– We have been loving the work of Claire Axelrad @CharityClairity since we came across her work, every blog of hers is insightful, well thought out and enlightening. A couple of recent posts we enjoyed include;


– Of all the content you can create, storytelling is your ultimate weapon and the most powerful means of communicating your message; 6 Best Ways to Make Storytelling Part of Your Nonprofit CultureYour 16 point annual appeal checklist

– We were also delighted to be introduced to the work of Pamala Grow @PamelaGrow and her regular what’s in my mailbox posts. We think this might be useful for you; Examples of some best practice Nonprofit Impact Reports (newsletters) that you can use as a template for your organisation

– Smarter Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits: These are informative podcasts found via @3rdsectortoday

 @CharityComms and their team continues to be one of our go to resources and this article had us gripped: Why the press release continues to stand the test of time insights & advice by @Harriti with steps that should give you the best chance of achieving coverage, either with or without rich (i.e. Images/video) media.

– Then the team behind the Just Giving blog are on fire, especially now Kirsty Marrins is their Content and Community manager

– Multimedia tools to help engage supporters; Kirsty picks out five of the best free tools, plus examples of charities using them in interesting and unusual ways.

Tell us which resources resonated with you and we’ll endeavour to continue to find interesting and relevant resources to help you communicate your charity or NFP story

If you have spotted or written a resource that you feel charities or NFP’s would benefit from the please give us a tweet or a post on our LinkedIn group

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