Change Makers uniting over the power of stories

We popped along to a really inspiring change makers festival event last night. The event was entitled Transmedia for Good, about the future of storytelling for good. There were four very interesting panel presentations but for us the excitement happened during the panel discussion hosted by Carolin Wenzel.


Our Key takes out from a discussion around the tension between creatives and NFP’s working together was answered so well by Ben Peacock (Republic of Everyone) when he expressed his views that if there is tension it is often because of three things;

1. The problem is not defined properly, that the leverage of change should always be front and centre in people’s minds.

2. That lack of focus is fatal so once something skips from top priority to 2nd or 3rd it fails to maintain energy and momentum and

3. A failure to support the client i.e. the client is often on side in terms of a creative vision but creatives need to help the client sell that story back to the organisation and come on the journey with them.

We enjoyed it when he said behavioural change can be driven not through giving people a reason to do it or showing them how but in showing others doing it & making it easy to do. This moves the conversation from shaking the stick and pointing the finger at people and instead working collaboratively in coming on a journey of ‘us’ and making it fun.

Republic of Everyone’s Garage Sale Trail testament to this type of Behaviour activation and is happening tomorrow 25th October all around Sydney.

A great event hosted by Story Code Sydney, Shannon Carruth ING Direct and Not-for-profit Marketing & Communications LinkedIn Group. It was lovely to be in a room filled with so many passionate people all excited by the prospect of using stories to make change happen.
We love being on this journey and sharing it with you. We met so many people; film makers, creatives, communicators, marketers who questioned what value add they could offer to charities and NFP’s.

That is easy; the value is immense, just an hour of your skills equals about 5x the value to the charity. Good Eggs can help you find a way you can use your story telling skills to help give charities or NFP’s a boost let’s chat and eggplore some options.

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