Have a Good (Egg) Time

We’re thrilled that communication professionals are now undertaking a range of projects assisting charities and not for profits; from mentoring to setting out communication strategies to sitting in as a board of director member we love our Good Eggs. We’ve been chatting with them and gathered some top tips for getting the most out of their chosen placement and having a Good (Egg) time.


– Talk to the team about your expectations, skills, what charities inspire you and how much time you can offer (even an hour makes a world of difference) to ensure a good match

– Have a good project plan and set up realistic expectations of what you are willing to offer

– Set out your role with the charity and have a good idea about what you want to achieve out of the time

– Target people and skills sets you want to develop, pick people’s brain’s, how they work, what led them here

– Make connections inside and out of the business to increase and build your network

– Ask questions and be a sponge, taking in what challenges the charity faces and how you can assist

– Listen and be an active listener, you’re not going in to wave a magic wand, you need to listen and understand needs, available resources and work alongside the team

– Be flexible and dive in, if you can offer additional help then do, the charities will think you’re priceless

– Look for opportunities where you can be a mentor to others and don’t be afraid to pass on your skills to sustain the work and impact you’ve made

– Ask for feedback and tell the team if there is another placement or area the charity needs help with

– Keep tabs on work, time spent and accomplishments so that you can showcase a case study at the end of your time

– Utlise the value of social media to tell your network what you are undertaking (but remember to ask permission to share) and encourage others to help the charity

– Say thank you and be considerate, it takes up a lot of people’s time and effort to bring you up to speed

– Enjoy and remember that a small commitment is making and can make a huge difference

Whatever the reason we’d love to hear from you, we’re looking for communication professionals to assist on a range of projects so drop us your email or join our linkedin group – no commitment, we’ll keep you informed and would love to have a chat when the time is right.

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