About you as a comms professional

Who? You are a story teller, communicator, marketer, relationship builder or digital wiz who wants to utilise and volunteer your skills and expertise to help others, to give back and make the world a better place

Why? Perhaps you’re feeling altruistic, want to use your skills to benefit others, experience personal growth, are plain fed up at work and looking for some more meaning, want to see the difference you’ve made, would like to expand your network or simply want to give something back.

What? We match you as a professional prepared to volunteer your time and skills to assist charities and not for profits across Sydney. We’re not a recruitment agency, we are volunteers too and we don’t charge anyone for the service.

Where? That depends on how much time you can give and which organisation you’re matched with. The project could be a one off communication boost, communication planning support, a mentoring role, assisting with marketing, offering strategic direction, leading a workshop, building capability, training people, offering help with the media, social media or writing support. It could be done remotely or in house.

When? At your and the matched organisations convenience; some volunteers will parachute in for a one off project or to give that communication leg up others might have an ongoing mentoring relationship or offer strategic guidance. The idea is that you and the organisation come to an agreement on the minimum time frame but you should feel free to offer up as much support as you can; it could be as simple as 2 hours a week.

How? Tell us about yourself, the type of organisations or interests you have, what times you are available, your skills and strengths or what you would like to develop and how we can contact you. We’ll get back to you if there is an organisation needing help that might be a match for what you want to give. We’ll check with you before giving your details and provide a brief of what’s required and how much time it is expected it to take.


Get in touch and let’s chat about your skills, we’ll then talk to our network of charities and not for profits and match you up; like having a first date but without that nervous feeling, sweaty palms or sense of regret afterwards.

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