About you as an organisation

Who? You are a charity or not for profit of any size that wants to make the world a better place but needs a leg up or helping hand with some communications or marketing.

Why? You are crazily busy, time poor, underfunded, need an outside in perspective or just want a touch of communication fairy dust to help you and the team from tearing your hair out.

What? We have a bunch of story tellers, communicators, marketers, relationship builders, digital wiz’s who want to volunteer their time. They’re looking to offer free support on one off projects or on the type of support that has clear time commitments.

Where? That depends on your project; perhaps you need someone to come in and provide one off communication assistance, a mentor to build capability across your team, help expand the reach of an event through social media assistance, provide writing support or offer some remote help like proof reading. We have communications professionals of all levels and experience wanting to help. It could be done remotely or in house.

When? At your and one of our volunteer superstar’s convenience; some volunteers can parachute in for a one off project or to give that communication leg up others could offer an ongoing mentoring relationship or offer strategic guidance. The idea is that we have a chat about your brief and the time you think is required and we match you up.

How? Tell us about your organisation and core values. What skills and strengths you are looking for, a short brief about what you’d like and how much time you think the professional would need to commit too.

Sounds too good to be true, but I’ve got/I’m the communication person/team

We only want to be involved if the team/person is keen to have us on-board. If you are the communications person or team, wow wee we know how busy you are, how are those stress level? Fancy some help, guidance or professional support or additional expertise so you don’t reach breaking point?

Yes please, there must be a catch? How much is this going to cost?

No catch; just be aware that we’re not a recruitment agency, our professionals want to volunteer their spare time at no cost. We are volunteers too and we don’t charge anyone for the service we just want to make the world a better place through the power of providing professional skills.


Get in touch and let’s chat about your communication needs, we’ll then talk to our network of professionals and match you up; like having a first date but without that nervous feeling, sweaty palms or sense of regret afterwards.

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