Golden egg resources hidden in the internet

Here at Good Eggs we love curating resources, finding those golden eggs throughout the internet and sending out links via our twitter account that we hope you will find useful. Below are a number of international best practice and great advice examples that have caught our eye recently.
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We hope that these resources help shape and support your Charity or NFP. It has been a joy connecting in with other excellent communicators and story tellers, a number of these we will be added as permanent links of our resources page.

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Thank you to all the new good egg communication people who have been in touch recently regarding volunteering their time and professional communication skills to assist charities and NFP’s, it is a very eggciting time. Thank you to the charities and NFP’s who have reached out to ask for some help.

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At the moment we’re getting asked for examples of the sort of projects that comms people can assist with and also examples of what help charities are asking for. So we wanted to share some examples with you…

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Wanted; more good eggs

What are we looking for in you, a good eggs comms professional;

We’ve been delighted by the response to the Good Eggs initiative; story tellers volunteering their professional comms skills to help charities and NFP’s. We’ve had a wide range of charities getting in touch and calling out for help and assistance. We are very grateful to the many comms people who have sent us their forms and put themselves forward to help. We are busy working on a range of exciting placements.

Wanted Good Eggs

Wanted Good Eggs

But we could really do with having more comms professionals coming forward to help. Please get in touch, projects start from two hours as a one off and can be developed around your schedule. So this is a call out to you, to be a good egg’ what are we looking for;

Free range, you are a comms professional who likes to run free enabling you to utilise your skills to support charities you’re passionate about. We have a range of charities you can choose from and matching you up with one you are passionate about is our speciality

Organic, we don’t add any nastiness like strict contracts into our comms professionals so you can flourish with helping your charity. We’re not a recruitment agency, we are volunteers too and we don’t charge anyone for the service. We ask that once you commit to a charity you see the work through. Projects range from one off’s of 2 hours to ongoing help of an hour upwards a week.

Not too cracked, that your cracks appear in all the right places i.e. you are insanely busy yet find time to help others. If someone says to you, ‘you must be mad to take on this as well as all the other stuff you do’ then you’re our kind of people.

Sunny side up, you are a comms professional who sees the sunny side in any problem or challenge. The skills you can offer to charities and NFP’s who struggle with finding time or funding for comms like work is invaluable, whatever your level of expertise be optimistic about what you can offer and how you can help.

Not too runny, we like people like we like our eggs; just right. A good match makes for a productive placement so tell us what you can offer, the charities that set your world alight and what sort of time you can offer and we will work with you to find something that will suit you and your busy schedule.

Scrambled, you are the sort of person that scrambles to help out and not afraid to put themselves forward. Placements will be at your and the matched organisations convenience, it can be as simple as two hours for a one off or two hours a week for a short while, in can be in house or done remotely.

Likes a good yolk, the ability to laugh and not take yourself too seriously helps so don’t be afraid to connect in with us on LinkedIn or Twitter so you can find out more or share your thoughts. By joining the Good Eggs group you don’t have to commit to any project, we are happy if you just want to pop by and see what the fuss is all about. Plus we post our updates and resources there so request to join and we can start sharing information and whisking up some more support.

Get in touch and let’s chat about how you can become a good egg



Stakeholder engagement communication template

Here at Good Eggs we love sharing and showcasing best practice. On our resources page we have highlighted a stakeholder engagement communication template which can be amended to suit your individual needs

Understanding Stakeholders helps creates two-way dialogues, strengthens sphere of influences, advances strategies and mitigates risk. The purpose is to share, listen, consult, explore and collaborate with stakeholders. Engagement planning processes help to decide who you need to engage with, how and when.

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Presenting Good Eggs to Charities and the Centre for Volunteering members

Last week we were fortunate enough to be asked to present about Good Eggs at the Centre for Volunteering. Thank you to the Centre for the invite and opportunity to showcase our work, thank you to all attendees and your enthusiasm for the initiative. For those who were unable to attend or would like some information about what Good Eggs can do for your charity or NFP an overview of the presentation’s main points is below along with the slides.

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What can Good Eggs do for your Charity/NFP


We are thrilled to announce that we will be giving a presentation to charities and not-for-profits this Tuesday (15th July 2pm) The Centre for Volunteering.

Come find out what Good Eggs can do for your charity or not-for-profit. Tickets are free and are available here

We’re story tellers, communicators, marketers, relationship builders and digital strategists who want to give back by volunteering our professional skills to help charities and not-for-profits make the world a better place. How can we help – About you as an organisation 


The Centre for Volunteering is based at 40 Gloucester Street, The Rocks, NSW, 2000, for detailed direction visit here

The power of workshop ground rules with a ‘Yes and’ approach

Planning and running a workshop can be rewarding and revealing but it can also be stressful and erratic. Here at Good Eggs to help veer a workshop towards rewarding and effective and away from being erratic  we like to lay down some ground rules. We’ve found the below resource by EBG consulting invaluable. It is a (very!) comprehensive list of some ground rules that you can choose from to help set the scene and your expectations for your attendees at a workshop. We picked these for one of our workshops: Continue reading

Give and take – Adam Grant 

Every so often a book comes along and changes or shakes up your life. Since finishing Give and Take by Adam Grant I’ve been throwing it at anyone that will listen. It has been an inspiration. Adam Grant seems like a very Good Egg.

It shows how giving, taking, and matching are three fundamental styles of interacting with others and why helping others drives our success; the value of giving.

This isn’t a book review – I love it, you should read it, learn from it and then pass it forward to others. Below is just a few of the many take out’s I got from this stirring book. Continue reading