Communication plans

This is a communication template which can be amended to suit your individual needs with guidance on ‘how to’

Communication Plan template

It is a free resource that benefited from various experiences and organisational help with references, thinking points, how to guides and pointers to consider.

This was adapted from the great communication planning template, suggested structure and tips for writing a communications plan, that Community Comms created here

CommunityNet Aotearoa – an online hub of resources designed to strengthen communities

They have a great resource with information about communications plans, the process, and a communications plan template, here

Connecting via the media

They also have a great resource about working with the media to tell the story about your organisation, here 

Found these useful?

If these resources were useful, please appropriate credit to those that are external to our good eggs initiative. If you use them in some way or you have thoughts about how they could be improved, have resources you’d like to contribute or feel we have missed an attribution we would love to hear about it and showcase your work:

Good Eggs HQ

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