External resources


Charity Comms a UK based organisation with great resources

Our vision is for effective and inspiring communications to be at the heart of every charity’s work for a better world.

Check out their communication top tips and guides here

Read this if you don’t have enough resource in your charity’s comms team – a 3 part article exploring how to reduce the overload on your role and how to make a case for increasing the resource in your comms team and influencing the senior decision makers in your charity to take action.

Digital communication

Community comms collective NZ

The community comms collective have some very insightful digital communications advice including how to make your website work harder for you, an introduction to social media and social media 101. Read here

Social Media

Get started with social media, best practice, toolkit & e-safety policy templates. All you need here from the Small Charities Coalition follow them on twitter here

Get started with social media here

Grow your charity online

Google teamed up with Media Trust and Technology Trust to launch Grow your charity online here

Stacks of free tools to try and the social resources section including information on social, video, mobile, analytics, email and adwords worth exploring. Click here 


Marketing and Media

Our Community is Australia’s Centre for Excellence for the nation’s 600,000 not-for-profits & schools, providing advice, tools, resources and training

A great resource for media contacts, click on your state or territory to find basic contact details for many of the newspapers, radio and television stations operating in your area. Click here

The Marketing, Media & Post Centre was established by Our Community and Australia Post to provide community groups with the resources and tools to develop and spread their message to the wider community, and to build greater public awareness and support

Main resources page here

Marketing resource filled with handy help sheets here

Image generators including infographic tools, label generators, word cloud generators and a tombstone generator! here


School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia; ‘A Guide to Fundraising’ walks readers through what makes a successful fundraiser, how to fundraise effectively and the best fundraising options within Australia.

A guide to Fundraising click here 

About the SSE here

Motivate and manage volunteers

A paper by the eventbrite event academy about how to effectively motivate and manage volunteers

Volunteer Management

Or download via their website here

Found these useful?

If these resources were useful, please appropriate credit to those that are external to our good eggs initiative. If you use them in some way or you have thoughts about how they could be improved, have resources you’d like to contribute or feel we have missed an attribution we would love to hear about it and showcase your work:

Good Eggs HQ


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