Thought leaders

A selection of good eggs we’ve connected in with, they are thought leaders who care about social causes and utilising communications for social good. They offer up free resources and advice through their digital channels, below are examples of their work and how you can follow them*

Egg heads

Zoe Amar (UK) – regularly shares best communication practice as a blogger for The Guardian, the Institute of Fundraising and CharityComms

Before you start your social media strategy read this

Why social media success is a marathon not a sprint, here

Blog here

Twitter here

Maria Chilcott (Sydney) – helps NFP transform communications with stories that engage, motivate, & inspire donors to give

Storytelling for fundraising success, here

Blog here

Twitter here

Matt Collins (UK) – a digital marker who helps charities use digital channels to raise more money and reach more people

5 things every good fundraiser needs, here

Blog here

Twitter here

Kirsty Marrins (UK) – Helping charities in the digital world

How charities are using gamification to research, to fundraise and to campaign, here

How to win at transparency, here

Blog here

Twitter here

Daniel Melbye (Wellington, NZ) – cares about social causes and digital and how the two connect.

How to create sticky ideas, here

The power and meaning of stories, here

7 things about fundraising you should already know, here

Blog here

Twitter here

Jacqueline O’Donnell (Melbourne) – values-based, positive marketing to help you change the world

The 12 principles of positive marketing, here

Positive troll management for change makers, here

Blog here 

Twitter here

Alex Swallow (UK) – a social entrepreneur who is the programme director of the Charity Leaders Exchange and owner of @soccharitytips tips for charities and those who love charities – about all forms of social media

Blog here

Twitter here

150 non-profit blogs 

There is also a rather handy top 150 non-profit blog listings

The world’s most popular non-profit blogs, check them out here

The best nonprofit blogs: not your typical list

Terri Harel for StayClassy Marketing has published her version of the best nonprofit blogs; the best blogs for nonprofits aren’t necessary specific to nonprofits. Check out the list here


Found these useful?

If these resources were useful, please appropriate credit to those that are external to our good eggs initiative. If you use them in some way or you have thoughts about how they could be improved, have resources you’d like to contribute or feel we have missed an attribution we would love to hear about it and showcase your work:

Good Eggs HQ


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*Please note that some of the people listed here run their own businesses and charge for their services. The reason they are listed here is thanks to the free resources and curated content they showcase rather than promoting paid services. Good Eggs receives no benefits from these listings and will amend at our discretion.


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