Planning a workshop can be rewarding and revealing. At Good Eggs before starting a workshop we like to lay down some ground rules and have found the below resource by EBG consulting invaluable. It is a (very!) comprehensive list of some ground rules that you can choose from to help set the tone for a workshop. We picked these for one of our workshops.

Workshop rules

As you can see we also love and use the ‘Yes and’ approach and ban the word No from workshop’s so everything is Yes and…We find it helps set an optimistic environment, one that no one feels belittled in or cut off from (especially useful within organisations where the hierarchy can be over-bearing).

Attendees often listen more attentively, hear other perspectives and approach the tasks and challenges with more openness. We’ve found workshops with this ‘Yes and’ approach have a more conducive environment and take the conversations further, ‘Yes and’ opens up new ideas that might have otherwise been cut off or not even surfaced in the first instance.  Have you tried ‘Yes and’, and banned the use of No in a workshop? Give it a go, tell us how it went

There are plenty of great resources about planning a good workshop or how to run a good workshop out there including this from Mind Tools and this from Scott Berkun

This is a great article from Tracey Bridges about ‘Making workshops work for you’

The full list of Workshop ground rules from EBG consulting – thank you for letting us share this

Workshop Ground Rules

This is a good article about how the Yes and approach equals less ego, more openness, more possibility by Scott McDowell

Found these useful?

If these resources were useful, please appropriate credit to those that are external to our good eggs initiative. If you use them in some way or you have thoughts about how they could be improved, have resources you’d like to contribute or feel we have missed an attribution we would love to hear about it and showcase your work:

Good Eggs HQ

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